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175 Miles

[Full album and shows will be announced very soon]

Salutations Humans! The story of '175 Miles' is a short one, but no where near over. In 2010 I met my best friend. It was an odd situation. We had gone to school together and been in the same grade since sixth grade. We had never even heard each other's names. We met our senior year in Team Sports. A friend and I were talking about disc golf. In walks Austen (guitarist) and says, "You play disc golf?" We became friends instantly. We recorded and wrote music just about everyday after skipping out of school early. We have a plethora of full songs produced at our own independent label.

The past few months we have taken a new step to play live shows. We've added two new members to play live with us. We have also synced up the computer with the performance for the full experience. Stay tuned on our show schedule!

PLEASE stay tuned and follow us. We love music. We want to share it and take it far beyond the conventional. We're going to do something great and completely different someday and are on our way! So join us and be a part of something promisingly great! [+]