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20 Foot Forehead

Jeffy Alexander (vocals) / Logan Champ (guitar) / Scott Simmons (guitar) / Scotty Melvin (drums) / Chris Chrisman (bass)

After a tumultuous 2012 that almost saw 20 Foot Forehead dissapear into local music obscurity.. 2013 looks to be the rebirth and the revitalization of fhe Forehead.
New album, new logo, new ambition. 20 Foot Forehead bring their driving rock riffs and powerful, intellegent vocals to the forefront. Looking to melt the faces of those who come close.

Greg Shaw of NANOBOT MUSIC REVIEWS writes:
"20 Foot Forehead is unrefined, while staying tight and powerful. They’re the embodiment of that sound we only found on tape; the sound before auto-tuning and over-production. I haven’t heard honest rock like this in a long while. The levels can be slightly off, but the music is cohesive. Music fans will get this sound. People looking for Nickleback won’t. Heavy riffs and driving rock put 20 Foot Forehead on your radar and Fairfield, Iowa on your map. Either believe or get out. This is some rock!"

"With very punchy riffs and intelligent current song writing, they mix it up so you’re not hearing the same thing over and you can tell what song you’re on. There are a couple ballads on here that do not appeal to me, but some will love’m. They are done right but very commercial. In fact you could be hearing 80% of this on the radio some day."
The Band Who Came together in 2007 Has had their share of Ups and downs but now Paired with BLACK SUN STUDIOS looks to release a more Defined sounding Forehead with there second LP "LET THE OCTOPUS" Paired with a High Velocity and almost comical Stage show 2013 will be the "YEAR OF THE OCTOPUS" and the Chinese Calender will just have to eat that like they do Hog Vagina's.. (To all Chinieseses We have offended.. We are sorry..but you do eat Hog Vagina's, I worked export in a Meat Packing Plant)

Rory Madsem of THE EXAMINER writes:
"The band, named 20 Foot Forehead, hit the stage with a mixture of metal, rock, and comedy. A Fairfield, IA based band, they have been playing together since 2007. Lead man Jeff Alexander married the magic of a good scream with that of a stand-up comedy show. Their sound resonated that of A Perfect Circle, the Chili Peppers, Atreyu, and Killswitch Engage all blended into a small venue bowl and baked in a Rock oven until ready to serve."

DEEPER LYRICS, PUNCHIER RIFFS, DEAFENING SCREAMS and a Flare for THE PARTY 20 Foot Forhead brings a show like no other
and will not stop untill THE OCTOPUS CONSUMES ALL... Now jam that in your IPAD next to your horse porn.. PEACE [+]