2004 Weinbach Riesling Schlossberg Selection De Grains Noble | Wiki & Review | Everipedia

"The 2004 Riesling Schlossberg Selection de Grains Nobles is rather 1996-like in both its striking aroma of white truffle, quince, apricot, strawberry, and candied citrus rind, and an almost surgically sharp and focused acidity that promotes juicy fresh citrus and apricot intensity and a rapier finish. The overall effect is of dried apricot, strawberry, and quince with orange peel, all macerated in honey, grapefruit, and lemon juice. Yet there is a subtle creaminess to the texture and a vanilla and apricot cream aspect to the flavors as well, a wine possessed of a fundamental, paradoxical yet somehow not inharmonious dichotomy as well as a kaleidoscopic light show of a finish that keeps wafting over the palate. I am sure this will last a quarter century, though whether it will display periods of disharmony I would not attempt to speculate." [+]