2005 A & G Natale Fantino Laboro Disubbidiente

"The 2005 Laboro Disubbidiente was originally meant to be the Fantino's 2005 Barolo Riserva, but bureaucratic red-tape and a series of miscommunications led to the Fantino brothers missing the deadline to have their wine certified as "Riserva." "Laboro", an anagram from Barolo, pays homage the hard work the brothers put into making the wine. "Disubbidiente" means disobedient, referencing the brothers' act of rebellion against the Barolo appellation authorities by releasing the wine on their own terms under a new name. The label was design by Sergio Staino, an Italian comics artist and writer. Barolos from Bussia tend to have deep color and rich fruit and while they don't lack the classic tannic structure of Nebbiolo from this part of the world, they are not nearly as hard as the Barolos from the southside of Monforte or from Serralunga. This fact does not preclude the Fantino Baroli from aging but makes them delightfully approachable relatively young. The Fantinos are also blessed with some of the oldest vines in the entire Barolo zone, thanks to the fastidious care given to them by Alessandro and Gian Natale. Planted in 1946 and 1947 and pruned in an old style that is very labor intensive, they produce grapes that would be the envy of any Barolista." - Importer [+]