2005 John Anthony Napa Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc

Winery: "The Church Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc is grown on an amazing site in Carneros. The property boasts a church build in the late 1800's that was relocated to its current site from the East coast in 2001. In 2006 we left a select few rows of Sauvignon Blanc on the vine to go undergo, "Noble Rot" and become intensely concentrated. This allowed our team to create a small amount of wine that shows off its sweetness and has underlying citrus and tropical fruit flavors." - Winery About John Anthony: "From the time he was young John has dreamed of being where he is today. His goal is to create amazingly balanced wines that drink well now and will last for years to come. He pairs these wines with best-in-class customer service, incredible experiences, and gives each customer the feeling that they are part of the family." "Today John owns a successful vineyard management company, which custom planted and farms each and every vineyard for the John Anthony brand. He blends state of the art farming practices with the knowledge passed down from pioneering farmers of years past. This history in farming and new school technique is at the core of John Anthony Vineyards. Our advantage in farming is not only years of experience but having multiple locations throughout the Napa Valley. Each of our vineyard sites were meticulously selected because of their unique microclimates, soil types, and sun exposures." - Winery This was also rated 87 points by Wine Spectator. [+]