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2008 Clerico Barolo Ciabot Mentin

Domenico Clerico wanted to be a vintner for as long as he could remember—his father showed him how to grow grapes when he was a child and eventually asked him to take over his agricultural business. In those days, growing grapes and selling them was not very profitable, so Domenico decided to try his hand at making wine. As his adventure unfolded, the decision to become a wine producer meant he was faced with the need to increase the amount of land under cultivation, and so in 1977 he bought a small plot in the heart of the "Bussia" district in Italy. "The result was Bricotto Bussia, my first Barolo produced in 1979. Then in 1981 I managed to get hold of a fantastic vineyard on the Ginestre hill in Monforte, from which I produce Ciabot Mentin barolo. In 1990 I bought another piece of land in the same area where I make Pajana barolo, and in 1995 a vineyard situated in an area known as Mosconi, which is where Percristina barolo originates." - Domenico Clerico [+]