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2009 Mi Sueno Winery Chardonnay Los Carneros

"If you're a proud, card carrying member of the ABC Club, don't be too hard on yourself, the industry has only itself to blame. The early '90s spawned an over production of chardonnay that lacked acidity and balance and were often soapy, over-oaked and too buttery. Not surprisingly, a vast group of wine drinkers swore that never again would they allow a chardonnay to touch their lips! Whether it's because we're gluttons for punishment or that we merely enjoy a good challenge, there is nothing more satisfying than pouring a taste of our Los Carneros Chardonnay for die hard ABC members. Literally you can watch their expression change from total indifference, to utter amazement and finally to outright satisfaction and enjoyment. It's easy to see why. A wonderful bouquet of green apples, orange blossom, ripe peaches and honeysuckle makes for a great first impression. Adding to the pleasure is a rich, silky mouth feel that envelopes and caresses the palate. An essence of white peach, lime, apricots and cherimoya with a dash of spice and toasty oak contribute to its beauty and complexity. A hint of minerality and crisp, lively acidity maintain its sense of harmony and insures a clean, refreshing finish. " -Winery [+]