2009 Portal Del Montsant Santbru

WINE: "The mainstay of the winery. Wines rooted in tradition that in just a few years have become classics, whose name takes us back to the origins of wine culture in the area (Saint Bruno was founder of the Scala Dei Carthusian order). Very old Carignan and Grenache vines. Small plots of land -crus- with a rich blend of complimentary aspects (soils, climate, altitude); terroirs of extraordinary quality. Wines combining strength and elegance, depth and complexity. The Priorats of Montsant." -Winery WINERY: "In 2003, the winery of Portal del Montsant is founded, located in the old Marca's former cooperative, a building dedicated to the elaboration of wines from the beginning of last century. This emergent cellar of Montsant stands out for working with the traditional varieties: Grenache and carignan, specially this last one, predominant in the southwest zone of the Denomination of Origin. The wines, subtle, flagrant and complex, take their name from the founder of the Cartusian monastic order, Sant Bruno of Cologne. The monks settled in the Priorat region from 1194 and were impellers of the viticulture." "Portal del Montsant is an ensemble of small vineyards -crus- of extraordinary quality and variability of soils (clayey, calcareous and sandy) orientations and altitudes. They constitute a unique, rich selection of old carignan lands, with very low production, in more than 20 ha. The vineyards are older than 65 years, with high densities of plantation, of vase bush vines with a very narrowed spaced rows. The climatology of the region (Masroig, Molar, Capcanes, Marca) is strictly Mediterranean, with some continental characteristic for the vineyards placed in the northern part and the highest part of the D.O. (700-800 meters) in Cornudella. The diverse carignan combine his major expression contributing with complementary proprieties to the final wine assemblage." -Winery [+]