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2011 Cave De Roquebrun Coteaux Du Languedoc Terrasses Du Frigoulet

Producer: "Growers Roquebrun work primarily with the aim to highlight the character of their terroir. It is through this commitment that Roquebrun village appellation was created in 2004 . This passage in the third level ( Appellation Coteaux du Languedoc Cru Appellation Saint-Chinan-town ) is the recognition of our typical, our terroir. The various efforts made in the vineyard, in our company are crowned by this decision. This designation own allows us to position our products as unique and representative of our region . We find differences with the decree of the Appellation Saint-Chinian at: Lower yields, Alcoholic strength of 12.5% minimum flight at the time of harvest. Mandatory-rearing manual harvest until December 1 of the year following the harvest. It is with pride that we invite you to taste the new vintage and in each bottle you will take our garrigue scents, our rich shales and passion of our winemakers." - Winery Vineyard: "The planting consists of varieties noble Syrah, Grenache, Mourvedre, Carignan, Roussanne, Viognier and Grenache Blanc. Qualitative monitoring of the vineyard is established for several years. A rigorous specifications regulates size fashions, trellising, plant and yields treatments. A great wine is a perfect first grapes. The vineyard work varies with the seasons." "In autumn, take place to pretailler shears and cut until February. (Size goblet - Royat - Guyot depending on variety). The branches are placed in rows, put in bundles, or burned. Succeeds then work amendment based on soil analysis with inputs compost and fertilizer in each plot. Treatments start from the first buds until harvest. services of an agronomist, with the support of a weather station on the field, allow a rational cultivation." "In August, the first boom in the vineyards with a fragmented visit throughout the vineyard . Each vine is classified according to the variety, age, performance, and health status. This fair self-discipline embodies the work of each and determine the quality level of the contribution category. Grape maturity (degree, total acidity and phenolic ripeness) defined from a levy on each parcel, determines the opening of the harvest. Every week, a schedule is determined by variety and ranking. A levy made each, valid input thereof. Our selective and rugged policy allow only manual harvesting . Groups of pickers ("glue") give a thousand colors and accents the slopes of Roquebrun." - Winery [+]