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2011 Chateau De Fargues

" 'At Chateau de Fargues, the aim is for around 20 degrees of natural potential alcohol, which equates to between 340 and 350 grams of sugar per liter. Yields are naturally very low, averaging 8 hectoliters per hectare over the last twenty years, the pickers undertaking several passes through the vines to seek out fully botrytized berries. The wine is fermented in oak barrels and aged entirely in new oak for three years and racked quarterly. There is no second wine at de Fargues although they occasionally make a dry white wine "Guilhem de Fargues" that is sold as Bordeaux AC. The bouquet is deep and intense, imbued with trademark marmalade and mandarin aromas that can be utterly intoxicating and with age, whiffs of adhesive glue. These filter through to the palate: unctuous and laden with botrytis that is expressed more at de Fargues than any other Sauternes I know. De Fargues is a pleasurable wine – after all, that is the first rule of the appellation – yet there is something thought-provoking about this wine; a Sauternes that encourages you to ponder in your glass before taking a sip.'- Neal Martin "The Sauternes produced by Chateau de Fargues is the result of outstanding gifts of nature and the motivation - one might even say the stubbornness - of a family devoted to fine wine, and an attentive, enthusiastic winemaking team. It takes four years to produce wine at Fargues, and work is constantly being done simultaneously on four vintages at any one time. Its myriad aromas wake up the senses and coat the palate with a host of sensations. The emphasis on quality implicit in everything done at Fargues makes the wine an archetypal Sauternes displaying a subtle balance between sweetness and freshness, candied fruit and tangy fruit, and floral and mineral aromas. The entire vineyard has been gradually and patiently replanted since 1928 with the sole aim of making a superlative Sauternes. The first vintage of Chateau de Fargues dates from 1943. The wine continues to be made with the greatest of care and the estate constantly innovates to offer the best possible quality, making do with what nature and the weather provide. Although this rare wine with a brilliant gold colour is a purely natural product, it also exists thanks to the meticulous care taken by the men and women who work at Fargues. The winemaking team is very dedicated, patient, and details-oriented." - Winery [+]