2011 Comte Armand Pommard Clos Des Epeneaux

Wine: "Le Clos des Epeneaux is one of the ten largest monopolies Premier Cru or Grand Cru Cote de Beaune and Cote de Nuits. Located in the heart of the Great and Small Epeneaux , it however has a rather different geology neighbors. Several plantations ranged between 1930 and 1986, and each year 4-5 wines are made from different ages vineyards. Thus, apart from the young vines and folded in the second wine, Clos des Epeneaux result of an assembly of at least 3 batches with an average age of the vines is about 55 years. The wines are produced there have both power and finesse , the quintessence of what can reveal Pinot Black through the Black Pinot . They also have spicy characteristics of Clos des Epeneaux ." - Winery Winery: "The Domaine originally belonged to the Marey-Monge family who, over time acquired the magnificent Pommard vineyard known as Clos des Epeneaux, which is one of the larger "monopole" or solely-owned vineyards in Burgundy. In the mid 19th century it was given to the Comte Armand as part of a dowry, but it wasn’tt until 1985, under the leadership of a young Canadian named Pascal Marchand that the potential of this great Domaine was realized. Over the following 13 years, the Domaine’s reputation rose to international prominence and became widely recognized as the leading estate in Pommard and Clos des Epeneaux as it most prestigious and collectible wine. Since 1989, Benjamin Leroux - another talented young vigneron - has been in charge, embracing the biodynamic farming methods begun by Pascal and refining the powerful structure inherent in the wines." - Importer [+]