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2011 Psagot Edom

NOT MEVUSHAL "The Psagot vineyards are planted on hard, rocky limestone terrain which is terraced in the Mediterranean Greek-Italian fashion. In order to facilitate the vine’s absorption into the ground, holes were drilled into the ground so that the vine’s roots would take hold well below the ground surface. The distance between vines is one meter, and the yield is low, about 600 kilograms per dunam. The terraced terrain makes harvesting difficult, but the 900-meter altitude and the snow which covers the vineyard in the winter compensate for the aforementioned difficult growing conditions ultimately yielding extremely high-quality grapes. The entire harvest is performed by hand in the early morning hours. The short distance between the vineyards and the winery enables the grapes to arrive at the winery within an hour from the time they are harvested." -Winery [+]