2012 Altocedro Ano Cero Malbec

Wine: "This wine is the product of our passion for creating great wines from one of the best grape growing regions in the world for the Malbec: La Consulta in Mendoza´s Uco Valley. The grapes were carefully selected from mature vines (7-49 years old), fermented in small concrete tanks and 30 % of the wine was aged 8 months in French oak barrels to obtain a balanced concentration of color, aromas and fruit flavors. Drink immediately or age 3 to 7 years." - Winery Winery: "Everything we do at Altocedro - everything our hands touch - is driven by terroir. We make wine that speaks distinctly of the place where it originates, which only makes sense since Altocedro wines are crafted in the finest winegrowing region in Argentina." "La Consulta, in the Mendoza wine country, is blessed with the extraordinary advantages characteristic of the area, including high altitudes in the Andean foothills, excellent sun exposure with moderate temperatures, and pristine mountain water for irrigation. A long history of winemaking distinguishes La Consulta from the rest of the province, both in terms of the expertise concentrated here and the preponderance of old vines. This prized fruit has long been recognized as the highest quality in the country." "Close, careful interaction with the fruit continues in the Altocedro winery. Winemaker and proprietor Karim Mussi Saffie stays in contact with the wine daily, observing and learning from each lot as it evolves towards its fullest expression of place. It’s an artisan approach steeped in tradition, uncomplicated good sense and respect for the fruit and the land. We listen for - and amplify - the way varietal and clone express themselves on a piece of land, bringing to the fore the rewarding elements of each distinct terroir." -Winery Vineyards: "Altocedro has one vineyard totaling 59 acres, located within La Consulta. Aging from 15-104 years old, these ancient vines are testament to the area's winegrowing history, creating a living expression of Argentine viticulture." "The high quality grapes are cultivated using a variety of techniques depending on the vineyard, from pressurized drip and traditional flood irrigation (sourced from the Tunuyan River), to canopy management including double Guyot and double cordon systems to low and high trellis systems. The plant density ranges from 1,400 to 2,000 plants per acre, creating another layer or variety among the grapes. Vineyards management focuses on vine health, homogenous growth and a balanced canopy, allowing nature to runs its course with little human intervention." "There are an additional eight grape suppliers from La Consulta, all with ancient vines that date from 50 to 100 years old." -Winery [+]