2012 La Massa Toscana

Just rated 93 Points in the new issue of Robert Parker's the Wine Advocate. Monica Larner was blown away and once again, this wine has earned outstanding press! Please note, this is due into our warehouse tomorrow! This delicious, ready to drink, red blend is 60% Sangiovese with Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Alicante. This marks the 7th straight vintage this wine has earned 90 Points or better in the Wine Advocate. In fact, this vintage was the top rated yet! Not only that, Stephan Derenoncourt (with a huge history at estates like La Mondotte, Pavie Macquin and more) was hired as a consultant on this project. This stunning red is a big time value by the case. It is rare to find the consistency, vintage after vintage, that this wine has shown. Without question, buyers looking for something to pick up and enjoy right away, or put away for short term cellaring, will find a ton to love here. Last Friday, the newest issue of Robert Parker's the Wine Advocate was released and as we went through the new scores from Italy, this one didn't surprise us much. Now the 7th consecutive 90+ vintage from the Wine Advocate, this vintage looks to be the best of the bunch yet and may have in fact set a new standard. We were thrilled to learn our distributor had some in stock and the wine will arrive tomorrow! We are sure this will be something many of you will be talking about moments after you taste it for the first time!! "After spending time in Bordeaux, Giampaolo Motta left his family's leather business behind in Naples and headed north to work in Chianti where he learned the art of winemaking. Here and in Bordeaux, he developed the practices and philosophy that he would come to embody at La Massa, where Giampaolo owns 27ha of vineyards in the "Conca d'Oro", "The Golden Basin", of Panzano, Chianti. Acquiring this ancient, hilly property in 1991, with its vineyards that have been farmed since the 15th century, Giampaolo gained a reputation with the release of his first vintage of Giorgio Primo, one year later. Proceeding to produce two Chianti Classico wines until he decided to declassify in 2002, Giampaolo immediately gained and maintained a following. In 1998, Giampaolo released La Massa, another Chianti Classico wine that he declassified in 2002. Wanting the freedom to produce high quality wines that didn't require specific percentages of Sangiovese, Giampaolo decided to produce IGT wines that were driven by La Massa's terrior. Nowadays, Giorgio Primo is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Petit Verdot, and La Massa consists of Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot or Alicante B. On the heels of receiving spectacular scores from the Wine Advocate, in 2008 Giampaolo hired his good friend of 15 years, Stephane Derenoncourt, one of the most renowned winemakers in Bordeaux, to advise on vineyard management and in the cellar. Working together with great respect for the earth and the fruit, Giampaolo and Stephane practice "logical" agriculture, releasing Derenoncourt's first vintage in 2009. "We employ sustainable methods in growing grapes: no artificial fertilizers, but rather green manure. No herbicides, we use 'sexual confusion' as a pesticide, and very little spraying for peronospera," says Giampaolo. In the winery, they use natural yeasts, "since we have a high grape quality, very little sulfates for hygienic purposes of cleaning barriques and very little at bottling for conservation. We have kept the ecological equilibrium of La Massa intact." - Importer [+]