2012 Saint Roch Kerbuccio Maury Rouge Sec

WINERY: "Purchased by Jean Marc Lafage, Chateau Saint Roch is located in the Maury Area of the Agly Valley, which is 15 miles from Perpignan and the Mediterranean Sea. The castle of Queribus, built by the Cathars, at the top of the steep Corbières Mountain watches over the vineyards from the north. Each plot is now surrounded by black berry bushes, fig trees, pomegranate trees, cherry trees, carob trees, oaks, as well as fields of thyme, lavender and fennel." "The wind here, the 'Tramontane', circulates in this corridor between Fenouilledes and Corbieres. The southern Catalan sun takes advantage of the refractive qualities of the schist from this ancient icy plateau to give Saint- Roch its unique light. 'Kerbuccio' is derived from the Latin translation for the Queribus castle overlooking the vineyard. Maury, previously restricted to fortified wines, has been granted to market dry wines under the appellation Maury Sec since the 2011 vintage." -Importer [+]