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2013 Donnhoff Kabinett Oberhauser Leistenberg Riesling

Donnhoff is easily one of Germany's best producers, and it's their attention to all the wines with their family name on it that has put them there. From top to bottom, the entire portfolio is full of incredible wines, but a few always stand out, like this incredible offer! This stunning single vineyard Riesling is a massive QPR from this much heralded producer. The 2013 vintage in Germany yielded a small crop, but what came off the vines produced some jaw dropping wines. Donnhoff's Oberhauser Leistenberg Kabinett is regularly a great buy, but the 2013 will be a true knockout! This is an easy case buy for any German wine lover! If you've never had any of the incredible wines of Donnhoff, today is your day to fix that!!! Wine: "Riesling wines with well-defined, spicy fruit, very elegant with a wonderful balance between fine fruit sweetness and firm acidity." - Winery Vineyard: "The Leistenberg vineyard lies in a small side valley of the Nahe, right next to Oberhausen. The name "Leistenberg" probably derives from the soils and the terraced slopes, since leisten in German means "perform" or "achieve" and this site provides the ideal conditions to do just that. The warm soils of this steep slope are almost exclusively made up of decomposed grey clay slate. Since the hill faces the south-east, the morning sun dries the vines very early on in the day and the grapes remain healthy. The afternoon sun is not so strong, allowinga long ripening period without the wines attaining an excessively high alcohol content. A perfect vineyard for wonderful Kabinett wines with high minerality and of subtle elegance. With the lowest must weight, a Kabinett wine is the first of six specially designed superior quality wines (Pradikatsweine)." - Winery [+]