2013 Donnhoff Oberhauser Brucke Riesling Auslese Goldkapsel

"Exclusively-owned site directly by the river. Ancient rock with clay slate bedrock, covered by a layer of loess loam. With a perfect microclimate for great noble sweet Riesling wines. A crystal clear, noble sweet Riesling of great aromatic complexity with an elegant mineral acidity. The historic Luitpoldbrucke (Luitpold Bridge), built under former Bavarian administration, crosses the River Nahe right next to the village of Oberhausen. Opposite this bridge, there is a small vineyard parcel with a special microclimate. Here, the temperature is regulated by the nearby river. The absolute protection afforded the vines always gives rise to early flowering, which allows a long growing season for the late-ripening Riesling grape. The special soil formation, consisting of grey slate bedrock covered by a layer of loess loam, ensures the vines are adequatelt supplied with water even during years of drought. Riesling wines of great personality with structure and essence are grown here, which, characterised by the ancient bedrock, display a radiant elegance. Owing to the sheltered valley location, magnificent Eisweine (very sweet superior quality wines made from frozen grapes) can be harvested most years. These special conditions are the reason why this vineyard parcel, though comprising only 1.1ha, is protected and registered as one of the smallest terroris on the Nahe." - Winery [+]