2013 La Fruitiere Chardonnay

This is the clean, crisp and ultra refreshing Chardonnay you have been looking for! "100% Chardonnay from granite, mica, and clay soils in Muscadet. Aged in stainless steel tanks for 8 months before release. Rich and crisp at the same time, with an underlying mineral backbone. Jean Douillard & Jean-Michel Boussonniere are obsessed with making sure that he extracts as much of this minerality from the soil as he can. As such, they use only natural vine treatments, leaving a final grain that is pure and ready for the crush. There is an aggressive de-leafing and a green harvest that is still a rarity in the region. At harvest, the team goes over every grain as it is destemmed, culling any under-ripe grapes and sending the rest on to press, ferment, and then sit quietly on their fine lees all through the cold Nantais winter. These wines are crisp, pure, mineral, and delicious. Someone pass the oysters! The village of Chateau-Thébaud sits on a hill overlooking the Maine river as it winds through the soft, rolling hills of the Nantais, just south of Nantes. This fertile area of France is particularly blessed with extraordinary mineral deposits, and Chateau-Thébaud profits from this perhaps more than most. From its vantage point at the top of the hill, Domaine de la Fruitière overlooks its holdings of old vine Melon planted on soil filled with granite, mica, and schist. The granite forms the base of the soil, and as it has been eroded for centuries and centuries, small fissures have formed, allowing the roots of these vines to plunge deep into the rock, stealing precious minerals to send back up to the surface. Even without knowing this, you would certainly taste it in the wines." - Importer [+]