2013 My Essential Rose | Wiki & Review | Everipedia

"Well, the gig is up and the world is now hip to how good Provencal rosé is. It's also why we make the long trip to Provence - because this is where it's best. Importantly, there are at least two ways that rosé is made and we think one of them infinitely: better dedicating red grapes to the production of rosé. It's not about stealing some juice from a red wine in process to make what's left darker; it's about saying hey, we're going all in with this and we're going to completely press these red grapes - their skins, seeds and some of the stems too - in an effort to extract a complete picture. The result is a pale pink wine that smells like red fruits and flowers yet is crisp, dry and ultra refreshing. One glass invites another, a wine that can very quickly become a bottle for one. Cheers." -Winery [+]