Formed in 1935, Coorparoo played in the from 1941 to 1963 and the QAFL from 1964 to 1993. They were nicknamed the Roos. For the 1953 and 1954 seasons they merged with .

Footballers to have played or coached at the club include , , , , , , , , and Mark Maclure.

When Carl Ditterich left Coorparoo he returned with a notice to sue (for breach of contract) following his sacking by the club's board. The awarded $36 000 placed the club in financial hardship which the Q.A.F.L. premierships in 1984 and 1986 momentarily covered, but in the longterm without an improving local demographic made the club difficult to keep afloat. The insistence of the Q.A.F.L. to introduce a minimum salary cap by the end of the decade would prove catastrophic.

After the 1995 season, the original Coorparoo club sold the facilities to the Brisbane Bears, and although the last senior team to play was in 1995, the name continues in the form of the Coorparoo Junior Australian football club. Twenty years after the original Q.A.F.L. club folded, the Junior football club is now very strong with multiple teams in each age group as well as a popular Auskick venue on weekends.


Premierships (6)

  • 1960
  • 1963
  • 1964
  • 1968
  • 1984
  • 1986

Grogan Medalists (5)

  • 1948, 1950
  • Bevis Howell 1952
  • John Golding 1959
  • 1964
  • Brendan McMullen 1984, 1986

Joe Grant Medalists (2)

  • Gary Becker 1984
  • Brendan McMullen 1986

Ray Hughson Medalists (4)

  • 1954 Darryl Sanders - Coorparoo/Yeronga 92 Goals
  •  !968 Barry Modini - Coorparoo 64 Goals
  • 1980 Robert Fox - Coorparoo 103 Goals
  • 1984 Jason Dunstall - Coorparoo 73 Goals

Most Games (Top 12)

  • 5th Wayne Stewart - Coorparoo/Mayne 289 Games
  • 6th Dick Verdon - Coorparoo/ Sandgate 283 Games
  • 9th Des Hughes - Coorparoo 279 Games
  • 11th Vic Giffin - Coorparoo 263 Games

QAFL Hall Of Fame (15)

  • Tom Calder
  • Michael Gibson
  • Ken Grimley
  • Des Hughes
  • Shane Junker
  • Ray Marshall
  • Noel McGuiness
  • Brendan McMullen
  • Kevin O'Keefe
  • Terry O'Neill
  • Bill Ryan
  • Darryl Sanders
  • Wayne Stewart
  • Dick Verdon
  • Terry Moule ( Coached 1975 )
  • Darren Morris ( AFL Qld Umpires association "Team of The Century") Darren played his junior football at Coorparoo.

AFLQ Team Of The Century (6)

  • Dick Verdon
  • Wayne Stewart
  • Des Hughes
  • Jason Dunstall (VC)
  • Ken Grimley
  • Noel McGuiness

QAFL Legends (2)

  • Dick Verdon
  • Jason Dunstall

Coorparoo Kings

The Coorparoo Kings Australian Football Club was founded in 1996 by Craig Dixon and was originally named The Treasury Kings.

Craig Dixon worked at Brisbane’s and was responsible for organising an annual ‘grudge’ match of Australian Rules Football between the Brisbane Treasury Casino and Gold Coast’s .

In 1996, a number of players expressed interest in playing on a more regular basis, and with Craig’s organising, the Kings were born.

During the first couple of seasons the Kings competed in AFLSQ’s Division 3 and played under the name Treasury Kings at ’s home ground. In 1999, a move to the oval that was once the home of the historic and successful Coorparoo Roos and a promotion to Division 2, bought about the name change to the Coorparoo Kings .

The Coorparoo Kings since have gone on to win senior premierships in the in 2000 and 2001 and are now in the AFLQ’s State Association Division 1.

In 2010, the Coorparoo Kings, under the guidance of Brownlow medal vote getter Michael Gibson, moved themselves into the upper echelons of the competition. Player recruitment was at an all-time high, highlighted by the move of ex-AFL player Shane Morrison to the club. This plus the recruitment of Ben Gibson, who had decided to play under his father the previous season, and Byron Spurling, Sandy Hampson and numerous other outstanding players. Even the reserves looked strong with veteran players Joel Henderson, Michael Hewitt and Paul Hoskings coming together to form an experienced midfield group which allowed the Reserves coach James House to mould a team around.

The regular season saw both teams finish inside the top two and again both teams found themselves in the grand final, with both teams playing Caloundra. The reserves led by captain Joel Henderson, won a hard fought game, with Michael Hewitt somewhat controversially awarded the best on ground medal. It was later decided that the medal should be handed back to its rightful owner, James Gimblett. Others to play well were Dan Brown, his brother Taylor Browne (who was later awarded the best and fairest medal for the Kings reserves) Chris Frangos and Paul Hoskings.

In 2013, the Coorparoo Kings are underway with both the Seniors and Reserves into the Grand Final at Yeronga. Both teams are playing against 1st place, Robina Football Club.