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2x Yamaha DXS15 + Covers + Poles + Mogami Cables

Product Description for the Yamaha DXS15 Pair + Covers + Poles + Mogami Cables

Package includes :

2 - Yamaha DXS15

2 - Yamaha DXS15 Cover

2 - On Stage Stands SS7745

2 - Mogami Gold Stage 50

2 - Mogami Gold Studio 6 (thru to satellite speakers)

Description :

Yamaha DXS15

The all-new DXS15 subwoofer delivers powerful yet focused low end reaching as low as 42Hz. The DXS’s fully optimized band-pass design combines with its powerful Class-D amplifier, long-travel 15” woofer, and formidable DSP to deliver a tight, impressive bass with outstanding depth and high power output.

Yamaha DXS15 Cover

The Yamaha DXS15 Padded PA Subwoofer Cover is a cover for the Yamaha DXS15 PA subwoofer.
The DXS15 Padded Cover is designed specifically for the Yamaha DXS15 to protect it during transit. This custom-made case also has cutouts for the subwoofer's handles.

On Stage SS7745

Height adjustable from 36-60". All-steel construction. Weight capacity: 80 lbs.All-steel shaft adjusts from 36"-60" with a friction locking knob and security pin for added security.

Mogami Gold Stage 50

There is no better live sound microphone cable that we have found in the world that we can offer you than the Mogami Gold Stage 50-foot microphone cable. Separating Mogami Gold Stage from other cable brands is its unique cable cores with three times the number of copper strands compared to a typical high quality cable. Add comprehensive full-coverage braided shield and you have a nearly indestructible, yet highly flexible cable that offers transparency and accuracy unequaled by other brands. If you need a mic cable that won’t let you down -ever- the Mogami Gold Stage is it!

Mogami Gold Studio 6

The Gold Series uses selected Mogami Neglex "Studio Quad" Oxygen Free Copper cable. This 4-conductor cable actually cancels noise caused by poor ground planes and high RF or electromagnetic fields. The ultra-low-noise spiral shield is the most densely wound available. All this engineering helps cure many of the problems encountered in a project or home studio, creating a much quieter recording environment with vastly improved Dynamic Range.

Virtually every major recording facility in the world is wired with Mogami cable. This means that just about any music you choose has been recorded using Mogami in the audio chain. The Mogami Gold Studio Microphone Cable is famous for unmatched accuracy, extremely low noise and remarkable flexibility. Top engineers rave about its amazing clarity and silent background. If accuracy in reproduction is your goal, this is the cable for you.