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3 to Breathe

3 to Breathe is an alternative rock, grunge band from Wilkes Barre Pennsylvania and relocated to Portland Oregon. Established in March of 2008 and still rocking an all original set of music with all 3 of it's founding members making this band rock solid. 3 to Breathe is a mixture of hard rock distorted guitar with blues influences. This band displays great tension and release rhythms and syncopated beats that are somewhat story telling and filled with very high and low emotions. This band is a mix of styles that make it hard to classify but give it a unique sound apart from most modern rock groups although 3 to Breathe most often hears its sound likened to that of alternative metal act Chevelle and rock band Tool. The trio loves music so much it keeps them alive and going, much like breathing, hence the name 3 to Breathe. [+]