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3Dogs Hostel

Relax. Big City Oasis. Quiet street, Large Garden, Hammocks, Sofas, Clean and XL beds. Your getaway in center Sao Paulo! -> Book with us now!

We’re all travellers at 3Dogs. And we all fell in love with Sao Paulo. Magic happened, because we’re still here! This unfathomably oversized Megapolis has anyhting to offer. But you have to know where to look. Tell us what you need for this city to become your friend. We are going to know where to get it!

Start your day out with freshly squeezed orange juice, and a strongggg cup of cofee. Brazillian style baby! Our breakfast is free, well assorted, and in high demand.

Then step outside in shade dappled sun. Vila Mariana is a Green, Quiet and Safe neighbourhood. A bit upperclass but not posh. It’s full of trees and brush. A regular hangout for colibris and paraqueets. The streets are very laid back, quiet, and often cobblestoned. About 40 bakeries, pie shops, snackbars, ice lollyshops, restaurants, beer shops etc are within 600 meters of the hostel.

There are a bunch of city highlights that you can get to by foot. Such as Ibirapuera park, stuffed with museums. Or Avenida Paulista. But at some point you will take the metro. Which is closer by 3Dogs than the time in which you can finish a cigarette, if you smoke. Metro station Ana Rosa (2 colors) is a 4 min walk. You will pass the big supermarket, open till late.

If you’re into cycling, you’re going to love our FREE mobile chip. Because it will give you access to an orange bike. The city has a different face on a bike. Ride those bikes for free! Just ask us how!

During the day you’re going to want to grab some typical brazillian snacks and lunch. When you come back to the hostel, pass by the supermarket within 300 meters from the hostel. Pick up something weird you have not seen before. Ask us how to cook it in our well equipped kitchen!

Tired after a long day? Take a quick hot shower.
Taking pictures ate you battery? Recharge it from your bed using your personal electricity socket.
Crash for a quick unplanned nap under fresh sheets. Or in a hammock in the garden. But arise in time for happy hour! Perhaps you hadn’t planned on hitting that cachaça bar with live music, but hey, we’re all going together! You can sleep when you’re back home!

Hello hello! PRIVATE-ROOM-people: 3Dogs offers Shared bathrooms that are cleaned multiple times per day, but not after every usage :-) Our rooms are basic rooms. TV's and sofas and stuff are in the common spaces.