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4 Mile Brewing Co.

Rumour has it that you can’t keep an old monk down on the monastery once his yeast has gone viral. Say what? Are you asking yourself, “What the hell are they talking about?” processIt goes like this. British monks loved to put their bald heads together, eat gruel and make killer good beer. Let’s face it. This was the Middle Ages, the insulation in those drafty monasteries sucked, so beer making kept them busy, and after a few pints, who gave a damn about the cold. But these dudes were on to something. Using only barley, wheat, hops and pure water and being tight-assed about things like purity (they were monks after-all), they developed a system for making beer that has stood the test of time. And you thought ancient purity laws has something to do with chastity. That same British monk-inspired beer yeast begat yeast off-spring. It is from this very same yeast that we make our beers. How’s that for a DNA profile? But we’ve taken things a step further. We use the Peter Austin Brick Kettle Brewing System. For you non-beer geeks Peter Austin was The Granddaddy High Brew Master of Microbrewing. This was the man who started it all. The Peter Austin system is a direct-fired, brick clad, copper whirlpool and hop percolator, and you cannot buy it at Costco when you get a Vitamix. The Austin system is a rugged, reliable and easy to operate, clean and maintain. There are more than 100 Peter Austin Brewing Systems installed worldwide, but Four Mile Brewery is the only brewery in Western North America using his system. Although Peter Austin has left this mortal coil for a beer garden in the sky, his gifted protégé carries on his vision. Alan Pugsley is our Brew Master at Four Mile. Pugsley is not just our brew master. He travels around waving his frothy magic wand amongst all his other projects around the world. What is distinctive to Alan’s process is his know-how when developing beer recipes. His recipes honour true British beer making while masterfully tweaking things to incorporate regional ingredients while developing taste profiles that appeal to local palates. As Peter Austin taught Alan Pugsley, so too did Pugsley teach our own resident brewer, Doug White. White is part of the family clan at Four Mile. In 1985 he headed off on a beer quest walk-about. He got as far as England, Ringwood Brewery and Alan Pugsley. He apprenticed with them, and then, upon his return, took further training the University of California, David Campus, in brewing sciences. For White, craft brewing is a hands-on art form, and the proof, dear drinker, can be worshipped from dainty sip to gusto guzzle. [+]