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8th Track Records

The Africanhero

This avant-garde observational folk hop rapper from the future is changing the way you listen to sound. With his very unique and original style, laced with relatable stories that can make you laugh and sometimes cry. The often fast paced intellectual artist that diverts from the “mainstream” view of entertainment. Performing heart pumping live shows that make everyone’s bodies move uncontrollably.

Africanhero, Jacob Dampier has rocked shows all over the states from Florida to Colorado and he is ready to come share his music with you. From freestyling in the car to his debut track with Tokyo’s Senji Niban, Africanhero has left an impression on the world from the start of his Career. Working with several producers such as d!Rty porcela!n, Audioklept, Prof.Logik, Awol One, MellowBeatsHoe, Mr.Soap, WillyZi, Chris Hooks, JoshBeatz, Luminary Youth, Why Try?, Odaroo, Filozway of the Rubba Band Beat Makers(Australia) and TAHOKMUSIC(UK), to name a few, Africanhero has created a strong following of talented musicians globally.

With the release of his first album HeHasTheSameMoleAsMe (independently produced and released in 2011) Africanhero began doing shows in his home states gaining a steadily increasing fan base. Africanhero is the underground underdog popping up in your headphones. With the Completion of TAHOK&AFF; a full-length album from two entities that have never met face-to-face it’s time to expand the name and take your stage. Two years of nail biting, life changing events and hours upon hours of writing and producing, devotion has proven to be fruitful for The Africanhero. This self made, independent artist has poured himself into the hearts and minds of beautiful people around the world, take a swig and taste the raw emotions.