A rising counter-cultural voice.
A few some odd months and another cold New York Winter are the only things that separate 8waves and his debut release "to ∞ EP".
Hailing from the Melrose section of The South Bronx.
A district with virtually half the population living below the poverty line, 8waves sees a change finally happening.
But that wasn't always the way. The Bronx burned once upon a time.
Almost half of it. Destroyed. All within the mayhem of the 1970's. Even after the flames were put out, the impact of those shockwaves permeated for generations. Then poof. Forgotten.

Born to a Puerto Rican mother and Chilean father Gino Lorca arrived at Bronx Lebanon Hospital May 27, 1989. Growing up in a Latin-American household with 3 other siblings during the early 90's often meant hearing Jerry Rivera early Saturday mornings.
Freestyle music mixtapes played by your sister or your older brother calling you into his room to personally play you Biggie's "Ten Crack Commandments". "My pops probably had the biggest influence though. He grew up in Chile during the Augusto Pinochet dictatorship in the 70''s" says 8waves. Cognizant enough to know ones environment is hardly an excuse for failing but smart enough to accept that same environment leaves less room for error. Forgoing a college degree in pursuit of what unfortunately will be a pipe dream for most can seem a bit risky he says. Maybe even stupid. "I do feel pressure. I don't have much rope. There's no family trust fund." Along with producer/dj Exodvz and drummer Christian "Chryan" Estrella the three have been sharing the same goal of becoming professional musicians since meeting back in 2010 and 2013 respectively eventually forming the collective and band: WeathermenUnderground. Inspired by the greatness of the late J Dilla, genius of 9th Wonder and Q-Tip; production is handled exclusively by 8waves and Exodvz giving subtle hints of a retro New York sound. As a live act 8waves and his band the WeathermenUnderground take you along a psychedelic trip growing up in the South Bronx through a path of boom-bap culture that the infamous borough would be known for. When pressed to describe his personal writing style 8waves goes on to say: “I use experience as my starting point and write from the heart the rest of the way. And I take pride in how I do it. I like to do many things artistically but writing is my day 1.”
He continues “I wasn’t poor but I didn’t have it easy growing up on 151st street and Morris either. You have all these other personalities, going through the same struggles, same temptations but not everyone reacts the same way.” “We all make decisions. A combination of good and bad, which is what being human is about. The problem is that margin of error we’re not afforded like those living further downtown”

As a representative for both Bronxites and Latino's 8waves understands who’s footprints he’s walking along side with. So as the the lines between “commercial” and “underground” continue to be blurred, you can expect the boundaries of creativity to finally fall back in the lap of the creator again. Where it belongs. And that’s all that an artist like 8waves needs. [+]