Boston is a monthly magazine concerning life in the Greater Boston area and has been in publication since the 1960s.[3]

About the magazine

The magazine is self-described as:

Sophisticated, intellectual, and full of charm, Boston is a world center of higher education, medicine, finance, and biotechnology, with some of the nation's leading cultural institutions, best restaurants, trendiest shopping, top universities, and smartest people. Then there's the other Boston: a city of power struggles, politics, expensive real estate, and cutting-edge music and arts.[3]

The magazine claims a publication of 500,000 issues per month, its percentage of newsstand copies sold is among the highest of any magazine of any kind in the United States, and it has been named among the three best city magazines in the nation seven times in the last eight years by the City and Regional Magazine Association.[3]

Best of Boston

"Best of Boston" is an award given by Boston magazine in an annual issue which is "the definitive guide to the city’s finest".

This award is given in a wide range of categories that vary from year-to-year. Recent awards include best clam chowder, cookware, day spa, gym, jewelry store, martini, mojito, pizza topping, shiatsu, teeth whitening, thai food, and many more. The Best of Boston awards are often specific; the 2006 awards for best nightclub were given in the sub-categories of dance, gay, lesbian, jazz, live music (small) and live music (large).[4]

Many area businesses display these awards proudly, either in the form of a simple certificate or an engraved plaque. Along with the annual awards, Boston magazine also runs feature articles intended to quantify local resources, such as "best high schools, public and private."

Ancillary publications

Boston magazine produces several ancillary publications:

  • Boston Home is a quarterly publication geared towards home owners and other people with an interest in interior design, landscaping, and so on.
  • Boston Weddings is a biannual publication for wedding planners and brides-to-be.

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