Brooklyn Magazine is an American glossy quarterly celebrating the arts, fashion, and high-end culture of Brooklyn, New York.[2]


Brooklyn Magazine was founded by Northside Media Group (brothers Scott and Daniel Stedman, the same team behind the popular free alt-weekly L Magazine). Its editor-in-chief is Mike Conklin[3] and it shares most of its staff with The L.[4] Its first issue landed in the Spring of 2011. In June 2012, Northside Media Group re-launched the magazine's website. In addition to what has appeared in print, features web-only content, including blogs for Food and Style and Brooklyn Abridged, a comprehensive news feed for the borough. In September 2012 the website launched a special online-only issue dedicated to Brooklyn literature to coincide with the Brooklyn Book Festival.[5]


Brooklyn Magazine's first cover star was Boardwalk Empire's Michael Pitt.[6] Subsequent covers have featured additional Brooklynites of note, like Emily Mortimer,[7] David Cross[8] and Olivia Thirlby.[9]