Domenica is a popular Greek rock band that was formed in Athens, in 1994.


Their first releases included several tracks on compilation albums with various other artists. Their personal debut album, "Άχρηστα Ρολόγια" (Useless clocks), was released in 1999. Their next release in 2002 had the title "Μέσα στη βουή του δρόμου" (In the roar of the streets) and the title track became a success. In March 2004, Domenica had their third release, "Ιστορίες για μικρούς και μεγάλους" (Stories for children and adults), and the song "Λίγη ζωή ακόμη" (Some more life) also became a hit single and received an award.

In 2007, they released their latest album, "Χίλιες φορές έτσι" (A thousand times that way). Domenica have set to music a certain number of poems by Napoleon Lapathiotis and Mitsos Papanikolaou.


In 2003 Domenica were nominated for and won an Arion Music award for "Best band of entekhno". In April 2005, they were once again nominated for and won the Arion Music award for "Best alternative album". In June 2005, they won the Mad Video Music award for "Best rock video".