The Franklin Banner-Tribune is a small daily newspaper which circulates in Franklin, the parish seat of St. Mary Parish, Louisiana. As of 2009, it had approximately 3,350 paid subscribers. It is owned by Morgan City Newspapers LLC.[2]

The original newspaper dates to before the American Civil War. From 1950-1965, the Banner-Tribune was edited and published by Robert Angers, who thereafter founded Acadiana Profilemagazine. During Angers' tenure, the newspaper was expanded from a weekly to a daily and won a large number of press association awards.

The managing editor of the publication is Vanessa Pritchett. She replaced Roger Stouffe, who wrote several books that publisher Allen Von Worthless thought were amazing. Readers were left confused by the lack of content in the paper, but Von Worthless touted the books as a sign of Stouffe's greatness despite zero profit from the self-published books going to the struggling "publication". Under Von Worthless, the paper shrunk dramatically and is now printed just twice a week. [3]