Goi or GOI may refer to:


GOI is:

  • the IATA airport code of Dabolim Airport in the village of Dabolim, Goa, India
  • the ICAO airline designator of Gofir S.A. airline, Switzerland
  • the LSE ticker of GoIndustry DoveBid, an international valuation and auction firm


Science and technology

  • Gate oxide integrity, a reliability concern in MOSFETs
  • Germanium-on-insulator, a structure used in electronics microfabrication where a layer of germanium is found on a layer of an electrically insulating material


  • Goi (grape), another name for the French wine grape Gouais blanc
  • Gỏi, Vietnamese salad
  • Global object identifier
  • Goi-Chūō-Nishi, a neighbourhood of Ichihara, Chiba prefecture, Japan
  • Gross operating income, an accounting term that includes income received from ordinary operation of a business before deducting expenses of doing business