Janis may refer to:

As a first name

Fictional characters

As a surname

  • Byron Janis (born 1928), American concert pianist. No relation to Conrad Janis.
  • Conrad Janis (born 1928), American actor and jazz musician. No relation to Byron Janis.
  • Dorothy Janis (1912 –2010), American silent film actress
  • Elsie Janis (1889–1956), American musical theatre and vaudeville performer.
  • Irving Janis, a social psychologist who pioneered the groupthink theory.
  • Jaroslav Janiš, Czech auto racing driver.
  • Linzie Janis, an American television journalist
  • Vivi Janiss (1911-1988), American actress


  • Jānis, a Latvian masculine given name
  • Janis (software), a program by NEA to view nuclear information
  • Janis (film), a 1974 film about Janis Joplin
  • The name of two different albums by Janis Joplin:
    • Janis (1975), a 2 LP compilation that acts as soundtrack album for the film
    • Janis (1993), a 1993 career overview collection
  • "Janis", a track recorded by Focus on their 1971 album Focus II