Jiji Press Ltd. (株式会社 時事通信社 Kabushiki gaisha Jiji Tsūshinsha) is a wire service in Japan. Headquartered at Ginza, Chuo, Tokyo, Jiji has 82 branch offices, general bureau and bureau in Japan and 28 general bureau globally. Yutaka Nishizawa (西沢 豊Nishizawa Yutaka) is the current President of Jiji Press.

In 2012, a number of people raised doubts on some of its articles in Japan. In June, a writer in Washington, D.C., wrote a draft by copying and pasting an article wired by Kyodo News. A month's leave was imposed on the writer, his two bosses were demoted, and President Masahiro Nakata (中田 正博 Nakata Nasahiro) resigned, taking responsibility for the plagiarism.