Little Darlings (novel)


Little Darlings is a 2010 children's novel by the best-selling British author Jacqueline Wilson.


The story revolves around two daughters of ageing rock star Danny Kilman. The first, Destiny, is the result of a short affair with a fan, and lives with idealistic, mother Kate on a rundown estate called Bilefield in Manchester. The second is Sunset, his oldest legitimate child, who doesn't enjoy the hectic, drama filled life that comes from being the daughter of a celebrity.

As part of Destiny's eleventh birthday, Kate has arranged they go to the London premiere of the film "Milky Star", in which Danny has a cameo as himself, where hopefully they'll be able to meet him and tell him Destiny is his daughter. The plan fails, as only Sunset seems to notice the two. Kate realises she hasn't planned how to get home, and they're stranded in London till morning. She decides they might as well use the time to seek out Danny at his home in Robin Hill. Destiny climbs over the fence and comes across Sunset in the garden. The two become fast friends and Sunset believes her story about them being sisters, but Destiny and Kate get thrown off the premises when Sunset's mother Suzy discovers them.

After finding their way back home, Destiny heads to school. Her teacher, Mr Roberts, announces they're doing an end-of-year talent show called "Bilefield's got Talent" to celebrate the end of elementary school. Destiny decides to sing the Danny Kilman song "Destiny", which she's named after. Mr Roberts decides to put her on last, due to being the best act in the class.

Sunset tries to convince Danny that Destiny is his daughter, but he insists it's a lie to get money and attention from the media. To make up for failing, Sunset finds out Destiny's address, using the Danny Kilman fan-site, and sends her a letter and a leather jacket.

At the grand birthday party for Sweetie, Sunset's sister, Suzy and Danny get into a fight. Danny walks out with an actress Sunset has dubbed "Big Mouth", who's real name is Lizzie.

At the first run of the talent show, the judges panel is made up of students and it's treated like a popularity contest. Destiny is marked second to last place, because she's new and isn't part of any of the local gangs, the Flat boys and the Speedos. At the evening version, however, the teachers judge and Destiny comes first place. She sends Sunset a copy of the DVD recording.

The next day, Kate confesses the reason she's suddenly become insistent on Danny Kilman knowing about Destiny is she's worried she might be ill and wants to know Destiny will be looked after if the worst happens. Destiny insists that Kate see a doctor and they find out that Kate has hyperthyroidism.

Danny returns to Robin Hill with his manager, Rose-May, to tell the family about a chance to start Sweetie's star-career early. She qualifies to be on a show called Little Darlings about talented child of celebrities. Debs, the producer arrives the next day to see if Sweetie can sing, but as she's about to she loses her first tooth and starts crying. Debs decides Sweetie is too young to handle being on television. As she's about to leave, Sunset remembers the DVD and shows her. Destiny's striking resemblance to Danny and her amazing singing voice convince Danny, Rose-May, and Debs she's Danny's daughter, and they decide they can use it as a publicity stunt to distract from the recent bad press Danny's been getting for running off with Lizzie "Big Mouth."

Debs gets in contact with Destiny and Kate, and offers them a chance to be on Little Darlings and meet Danny. Destiny accepts and they're driven to London. They film her being reunited with Danny and she finally gets to see Sunset again.


  • Destiny Williams/Kilman – Daughter of Danny and Kate. She is a very talented singer, and knows all the words to her father's songs.
  • Sunset Kilman – Daughter of Danny and Suzy Kilman. She is six months younger than Destiny and the elder sister of Ace and Sweetie. She does not like being part of a famous family and wishes she could have a life like Destiny's. She looks like her Dad, long dark curly hair and a big nose. She also is a very good songwriter.
  • Danny Kilman – Ageing rockstar, the father of Sunset, Sweetie and Ace. He does not know Destiny is his daughter. He finds out that Destiny is his child towards the end of the book.
  • Kate Williams – Destiny's mum, who believes Danny,Sunset and Destiny should have met a long time ago.
  • Suzy Kilman – Danny's wife and mother of Sunset, Sweetie and Ace. She used to be a model before she had children, she is going through an "emotional process" throughout the book and generally doesn't appreciate Sunset but hates her even more when she brings up Destiny to Danny.
  • Sweetie Kilman – Daughter of Suzy and Danny and Sunset's younger sister. She is described as little, blonde and very pretty. She has known how to model "since she could toddle".
  • Ace Kilman – Son of Suzy and Danny and Sunset's baby brother. He likes to dress up in a tiger costume and be called Tigerman.
  • Claudia – Posh nanny of Sunset, Sweetie and Ace. Sunset is "the only one who really likes her". She buys Sunset a notebook to write all her songs in
  • Rose-May – Danny's strict manager. She often secretly kisses Danny behind Suzies back.
  • Barkie – Danny's goofy fan club manager, who used to have a crush on Danny. Her actual name is Gigi Barkie.
  • Jack Myers – A close friend of Destiny, who was described as "Destiny's boyfriend" by Jack's elder brother. It is suggested throughout the novel that he likes Destiny. He hugs Destiny at the end of the evening performance when she wins.
  • Angel Thomas – Destiny's deadly enemy who is horrid to Destiny. She comes second place in the competition and wins the afternoon performance.
  • Mr Roberts – Destiny's teacher who is in charge of the talent show.
  • Mr Juniper – A strict teacher in Destiny's school who gives out detentions. He is on the judging panel in Destiny's school production.
  • Miss Avery – A popular sports teacher who helps in the school production. She is also on the judging panel.
  • Mrs Riley – A kind teacher in Destiny's school who is very popular around the kids. She too is on the judging panel.
  • Miss Evans – A young girly teacher at Destiny's school. She is on the judging panel as well. 


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