Logan “Robot” Gladden (born December 5, 2003) is an American musician. He is the drummer, vocalist, piano player, and founding member of The Robotix, an all-kids rock band with members from Texas, California, and Japan. He lives in the Dallas-Fort Worth area with his parents and sister.

Early life

Gladden was born in Fort Worth, Texas. He began playing the drums when he was only 18 months old. His nickname, “Robot,” stems from his earliest pronunciations of the name Logan and stayed with him when he decided that Robot was a “cooler” drummer name than Logan. Gladden cites numerous classic rock bands as his influences, including KISS, Led Zeppelin, Queen, The Beatles, and Alice Cooper. A self-taught drummer, he began taking lessons at the age of seven.


Gladden began his music career as an internet sensation. He and several other young musicians formed a junior all-star band, at a school in Southlake, Texas, called For Those About to Rock School. The young group opened for Rick Springfield and Spin Doctors at Liberty Fest near Dallas in May 2011.

The Robotix

In 2012, the group began to search for a new lead singer and a lead guitarist. They added 11-year-old Angelina Baez from Los Angeles, California as lead vocalist and 12-year-old Yuto Miyazawa from Tokyo, Japan. Yuto had already appeared twice on The Ellen Show and had toured with Ozzy Osbourne as lead guitarist. The group, now renamed, The Robotix, released a five-song EP co-written and produced by drummer Aaron Sterling called Rock ‘n Roll on December 4, 2012 via iTunes. The EP includes three original tracks and two classic rock covers. Members of The Robotix have been featured on The Ellen Show, Good Morning Texas, Conan O'Brien's television show, Barney and Friends, and in Chuck E. Cheese restaurants. The band was named as a Top 60 Finalist on America's Got Talent (Season 8).

Solo work

Gladden appeared at the 2011 KISS Expo in Indianapolis, IN, signing autographs alongside KISS drummer Eric Singer and performing “Black Diamond” with KISS tribute band Mr. Speed. He has made several guest appearances with other bands. In 2009, Barney and Friends aired several episodes featuring Robot Gladden (then age 5) as a rock and jazz drummer – the episodes remain in rotation worldwide. At age seven, he became one of the youngest artists ever endorsed by Pearl Drums and one of the youngest radio personalities ever to host his own show, "Robot's Rock Block." Also at age seven, Robot Gladden was a featured artist in the Chuck E. Cheese in-store video entertainment series, which aired hourly in Chuck E. Cheese restaurants nationwide during the spring of 2011.

Personal life

Gladden has not left his home without a pair of drumsticks since he was two years old. He considers himself "cool friends" with KISS drummer Eric Singer, a major musical influence of Gladden's. Media and television personalities often refer to Robot Gladden as "rock and roll’s answer to Justin Bieber."