The New Jersey Jewish News (NJJN) is a weekly newspaper published by United Jewish Communities (UJC) of MetroWest New Jersey.[3] All newspaper editorial content is independent of UJC, and the views it expresses are not necessarily those of UJC.[3]

Coverage and scope

In addition to other issues, it covers local, national, and world events; Jewish culture and the arts; and Jewish holidays, celebrations, and other topics of interest.[4] It is among the largest Jewish newspapers in the United States, and the largest-circulation weekly newspaper in New Jersey.[4][5] NJJN publishes five editions, and reaches 58,000 households.[4]


The newspaper was founded in 1946 as The Jewish News.[4][6] Merging in 1947 with the Jewish Times of Newark, it kept the Jewish News name.[4][7] In 1988, it was renamed the MetroWest Jewish News.[4][8][9] In 1997, it acquired The Jewish Horizon of Union and Somerset counties, changed its name to the New Jersey Jewish News, and focused on Jewish issues in New Jersey.[4][10] In 1998, the newspaper acquired the Jewish Reporter.[4]