The Santa Monica Daily Press is a freely distributed microdaily newspaper in Santa Monica which was founded in 2001[2] by Dave Danforth, Carolyn Sackariason, and Ross Furukawa. The Santa Monica Daily Press is the only local daily newspaper in circulation in Santa Monica, California. The Daily Press has a circulation of 28,000 and a readership of 43,600.

Longtime sales manager Rob Schwenker was named to the publisher position in 2015.


Its editorial staff consists of Editor in Chief Matthew Hall, Staff Writer Jeffrey I. Goodman and Staff Writer Jennifer Maas.

Daniel Archuleta was the Managing Editor for seven years before passing away in 2014.[3]

The photography staff consists of Staff Photographer Morgan Genser. The production department consists of Production Manager Darren Ouellette and Assistant Graphic Designer Cocoa Dixon

The sales staff includes Rose Mann and Jenny Medina.