The Absolute Sound (often referred to as "TAS") is an American monthly magazine which reviews audiophile-oriented sound-reproduction equipment, along with recordings and comments on various music-related subjects.


The Absolute Sound was founded in 1973 by Harry Pearson, who was its editor-in-chief and publisher. In the early years, TAS was a quarterly, digest-sized magazine and accepted no advertisements.[2] During the 70's and 80's, TAS (along with Stereophile) was highly influential in rejuvenating the audiophile industry.[4] Pearson himself is widely credited as being the most important figure in the rise of High-End audio.[5]

Until the mid to late 1990s, Pearson owned and directed all rights to TAS. The magazine was published by Pearson Publishing Inc., which also published a sister high-end video review magazine published quarterly called The Perfect Vision. Pearson remained the Chairman of its Editorial Advisory Board until 2006 and regularly contributed a feature entitled HP's Workshop until his departure in 2012.[6] The magazine is now published by Absolute Multimedia, Inc., of Austin, Texas.