The Daily News Journal, commonly abbreviated to DNJ, is a newspaper serving Murfreesboro, Tennessee, Rutherford County, and surrounding communities. Published in Murfreesboro, it serves as the primary local newspaper, with competition from The Murfreesboro Post and other publications. The newspaper is not in competition with The Tennessean of Nashville, as both are owned by Gannett Company. Gannett acquired DNJ from Morris Multimedia in 2004.[5]

The roots the DNJ date back to 1849 and the founding of Murfreesboro News. This paper would eventually merge with several competitors, and in 1931, the daily Home Journal and Murfreesboro News-Banner joined to form The Daily News Journal. DNJ currently publishes daily local papers, and also prints two weekly editions titled Smyrna A.M. and Rutherford A.M.[7]

From 1951, DNJ occupied the Brady-Tompkins-January-McFadden house at 224 N. Walnut St., which was originally built prior to the American Civil War. In a deal begun in mid-2014, the Rutherford County government purchased the Walnut Street property in order to build a new judicial building and parking garage. On June 8, 2015, DNJ opened its new offices in the SunTrust Building on East Main Street.[2]