The Wake Weekly is a weekly, privately owned and independent newspaper based in Wake Forest, North Carolina, primarily covering the North Carolina counties of Wake and Franklin. It is owned by Allen Publishing LLC, a corporation owned by Todd Allen, son of original owners Robert W. "Bob" and Margaret G. "Peggy" Allen.

Bob Allen acquired The Wake Weekly in 1952 from his brother and for nearly 50 years owned and published the paper with his wife, Peggy.

Well known within the field of journalism, Peggy was awarded the award which is one of two of the highest and most distinguished tributes in community journalism, and is presented to a working or retired newspaperwoman who has provided distinguished service and leadership to the community press and her community. Bob and Peggy were named to the North Carolina Journalism Hall of fame in 2006[3] (Peggy posthumously as she died Nov.1, 2005), the first couple to be jointly .

Allen Publishing, LLC acquired the paper from family in 2009 as a five-member board. In early 2010, Todd Allen bought out the other members to become sole owner. Also in 2010, The Wake Weekly ceased in and of itself as the paper began being published with three flags, The Franklin Weekly, The Rolesville-Wake Crossroads Weekly and The Wake Forest Weekly, under the auspices of The Wake Weekly Family of Community Newspapers.

Each year, The Wake Weekly has consistently won awards from the . In 1993, 2009, 2011 and in 2013 as The Wake Forest Weekly, it was awarded First Place in General Excellence[4][5] among other awards.[6]