Tim de Zarn (born July 11, 1952 in Cincinnati, Ohio)[2] is an Americanactor who has appeared in film and television. Alternately credited as Tim De Zarn, Tim DeZarn,Tim deZarn, and Tim Dezarn, de Zarn is often cast in supporting roles in the horror, crime, and science fiction genres.

De Zarn's motion picture credits include Spider-Man (playing Mary Jane Watson's father), Fight Club, Live Free or Die Hard, The Cabin in the Woods, Untraceable, and Demon Knight.

De Zarn has appeared in several American television series, including Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, NYPD Blue, the various Star Trek TV franchises, Prime Suspect, Mad Men, The Forgotten, Lost,Criminal Minds, Weeds, Prison Break, Deadwood, The Shield, Cold Case, Quantum Leap, and 7th Heaven.


DeZarn went to Archbishop McNicholas High School, a Catholic school in Anderson Township, Ohio. He didn't pursue a professional acting career until he was 25 years old.[3]

Acting career

De Zarn has been quoted as saying "the best part of acting is being something you're not, so that's why I play the bad guys. . . It's just too much fun!"[3] His first broadcast role was on the TV series The Equalizer in 1986. His first film role was in the 1989 action comedy Three Fugitives.[2]

De Zarn made several appearances as Army Sergeant Dixon on the television series Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.[2] He played the recurring character George Putnam in season two of NYPD Blue.[2]

De Zarn appeared in five episodes of Deadwood on HBO.

De Zarn appeared in Sons of Anarchy as Nate Meineke, the leader of a local state militia and terrorist group. Meinike served in Vietnam alongside the character Piney Winston. He and his son Russell Meineke (James Harvey Ward) buy weapons from SAMCRO and use them to ambush a prison convoy to free one of their members. They plan to go into hiding in Mexico. However, the Sons of Anarchy kill them by bombing their hideout bunker, as they had brought heat onto SAMCRO with the shootings.

Personal life

De Zarn lives in Los Angeles with his wife and daughter.[4] His 18-year-old son Travis was killed in an auto accident in 2007.[4]


1989Fugitives, ThreeThree FugitivesFirst officer
1992and Honor, RageRage and HonorFast Eddie
1995Knight, DemonDemon KnightHomer
1996of the Crime, SceneScene of the CrimeMackey
1999Club, FightFight ClubInspector Bird
2002, Spider-ManSpider-ManPhilip Watson
2006Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning, TheThe Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The BeginningSlaughterhouse owner
2007Free or Die Hard, LiveLive Free or Die HardPolice sergeant
2008, UntraceableUntraceableHerbert Miller
2012Cabin in the Woods, TheThe Cabin in the WoodsMordecai ("the Harbinger")
YearTitleRoleAir dateEpisode titleNotes
1986Equalizer, TheThe EqualizerStollerOct. 8, 1986 (season 2, episode 1)"Prelude"
1991Leap, QuantumQuantum LeapStanMay 8, 1991 (season 3, episode 20)"Heart of a Champion — July 23, 1955"
1993Medicine Woman, Dr. Quinn,Dr. Quinn, Medicine WomanSergeant DixonMarch 13, 1993 (season 1, episode 11)"The Prisoner"
1993The Next Generation, Star Trek:Star Trek: The Next GenerationSatlerMarch 29, 1993 (season 6, episode 18)"Starship Mine"
1995Voyager, Star Trek:Star Trek: VoyagerHalizSept. 4, 1995 (season 2, episode 2)"Initiations"
1996Pacific BlueWilloughbyMay 11, 1996 (season 1, episode 11)"The Phoenix"
1997, GunGunMay 3, 1997 (season 1, episode 1)"Columbus Day"
1997The Udara Legacy, Alien Nation:Alien Nation: The Udara LegacyLeonard GuiniJuly 29, 1997TV movie
1998Deep Space Nine, Star Trek:Star Trek: Deep Space NineHalb DaierApril 1, 1998 (eason 6, episode 17)"Wrongs Darker than Death or Night"
2001Voyager, Star Trek:Star Trek: VoyagerYediqJan. 21, 2001 (season 7, episode 13)"Repentance"
2006Break, PrisonPrison BreakSalty vetNov. 27, 2006 (season 2, episode 13)"The Killing Box"
2007, MonkMonkMax BartonSept. 7, 2007 (season 6, episode 8)"Mr. Monk and the Wrong Man"
2008of Anarchy, SonsSons of AnarchyNate MeinekeOct. 8, 2008 (season 1, episode 6)"AK-51"
2009, LostLostTrevorApr. 15, 2009 (season 5, episode 13)"Some Like It Hoth"
2012, JustifiedJustifiedDet. DempseyMar. 6, 2012 (season 3, episode 8)"Watching the Detectives"
2012, Agent CarterAgent CarterGeorgeJan. 27, 2015 (season 1, episode 4)"The Blitzkrieg Button"