Tori may refer to:



Given name


  • Tori Hanson, character from the Power Rangers Ninja Storm, played by Sally Martin
  • Tori Scott, character from American TV series Saved by the Bell, played by Leanna Creel
  • Tori Vega, character from Victorious, played by Victoria Justice


  • Elizabeth Tori (born 1936), American politician
  • Miki Tori (born 1958), Japanese manga artist, character designer, essayist, and screenplay writer

Other uses

  • Tori (horse), horse originating in continental Estonia
  • Tori (martial arts), the executor of a technique in partnered martial arts practice
  • Tori Style, the artistic style of the Japanese Asuka period
  • Tori, the plural of Torus, a kind of geometric object that includes doughnut-shaped objects
  • Luffa (or Ridge gourd), the vegetable