WUBL FM 94.9, known as "94-9 the Bull", is an Atlanta FM radio station that plays country music. Its radio transmitter is located just northeast of Atlanta near Druid Hills Road in North Druid Hills, with several other stations, and operates from studios located at the Peachtree Palisades building in the Brookwood Hills district of Atlanta.


The station began on October 24, 1962 as religious WAVO-FM, sister to WAVO AM. In 1972, the format changed to easy listening with the WPCH callsign. In the early 1980s, the station's format switched from easy listening to soft AC as a response to WSB-FM's format change. The name was "FM95 WPCH" until mid-1991, when the "Peach 94.9" name was adopted, reflecting its exact frequency for newer radios with digital tuning, and Atlanta's nickname as the "Big Peach". (This is derived from its main road of Peachtree Street, and New York being the "Big Apple", as well as Atlanta being the "New York of the South"; the callsign is now on WPCH-TV as "Peachtree TV" in Atlanta.) The station enjoyed consistent ratings success through the 1990s and early 2000s.

In December 2002, the name "Peach" was dropped, and the station rebranded as WLTM "94.9 Lite FM". Prior to Christmas each year, Lite FM played all Christmas music.

From 2005 to 2006, the station had Randy & Spiff as its morning show. After it was canceled, they moved their show to 640 WGST later in 2007. The duo were formerly at WFOX "Fox 97" (now WSRV "The River") and briefly at then sister Clear Channel station WLCL FM "Cool 105.7". Lite's morning show from May 2003 until March 2005 was married couple Gene & Julie, who are now in Dallas at KVIL. The nighttime show was the syndicated Delilah. (However, Delilah was not on the new 96.7 Lite FM (which is now The Legend) schedule; instead it is now aired on former competitor WSB-FM, "B98.5FM".)

In the middle of its all-Christmas music format, and more than a week before Christmas Day, Lite FM changed to country music as "The Bull" at noon on December 18, 2006. WLTM's call letters were then changed to WUBL. The old adult contemporary format officially moved to 96.7 FM on December 20, 2006, and stayed there until December 26, 2007, when 96.7 switched to a classic country format to accompany WUBL. On January 7, 2008, WUBL added The Cledus T. Party, starring comedian/parody singer Cledus T. Judd, as its morning show.


Along with WSB-FM, this station is the primary entry point (PEP) for Emergency Alert System messages for the state of Georgia. In an emergency, the two stations receive alerts via secure networks directly from the U.S. president, the Georgia Emergency Management Agency, and the National Weather Service. All other radio and television stations and cable TV systems in metro Atlanta must monitor these two stations at all times with their EAS equipment. Alerts are then relayed across the state by other stations.

Current personalities include: Kristen Gates (morning show co-host), Jason Pullman (morning show co-host), Art "Mad Man" Mehring (traffic), Madison Reeves (mid-days), Lance Houston (afternoons), Angie Ward (nights), Rob Carter (weekends), Tripp West (weekends), and After Midnight with Blair Garner.

In 2011, the station changed its HD Radio channel 2 to simulcast Immanuel Broadcasting Network, whose flagship station is WCCV FM 91.7 in Cartersville. Two IBN-owned broadcast translators are actually assigned to WUBL instead of WCCV as their primary station: W265AV 100.9 Woodstock, and W223BP 92.5 Lithia Springs (previously W221CG 92.1 "Kennesaw", which was actually near Hiram/Dallas), both transmitting IBN programming. WGST AM 640 was carried on WUBL's HD3 channel, as well as on W222AF FM 92.3, which is also owned by Immanuel and formerly rebroadcast WCCV. However, W222AF was assigned directly to retransmit WGST, not WUBL.

In October 2012, not long after WGST became Spanish-language ESPN Deportes, WUBL HD-3 and W222AF split from WGST and became "Comedy 92-3", the locally-inserted affiliate name for the satellite-fed radio network 24/7 Comedy. This same local feed was also retransmitted on DTV radio by WANN-CD 29, on virtual channel 32.21, with 94-9 the Bull on 32.22. In early June 2013, WUBL HD-3 and WANN 32.21 reverted to airing WGST at the same time that station again started English-language programming. ESPN Deportes moved to WWPW FM 96.1 HD-3, and now that station's ID is heard on W222AF, although the FCC database still indicates WUBL as its supposed "primary" station.