The Williston Herald is a 6-day-per-week newspaper printed in Williston, North Dakota. The Herald is the official newspaper of Williams County, North Dakota and the main newspaper covering northwestern North Dakota and northeastern Montana. The newspaper is printed every day but Saturday.

The Williston Herald also the home of the Plains Reporter, which is the weekly publication distributed throughout northwestern North Dakota and northeastern Montana.

The Herald employs approximately 40 employees. In addition, the Herald employs more than 60 carriers and motor route drivers.


  • 1899: A group of citizens wanting to express their views on a local political controversy raised $600 to begin the new newspaper. The newspaper begins in a one-room shack on Second Street West with E.M. Crary at the helm. However, in less than a month the Herald was on its third publisher. Soon after things settle down and the newspaper begins to grow.
  • Oct. 14, 1930: The first daily paper was published on a single sheet printed on both sides.
  • 1935: The newspaper went to standard size.
  • 1938: Wire services were added to the daily paper.
  • 1942: The Williston Herald moves to its present location.
  • August 1961: Walter Wick becomes publisher and totally transforms the physical plant.
  • March 13, 1967: Switch from hot lead to offset printing provides a noticeable improvement in reproduction.
  • 1979: The weekly Williston Basin Oil Reporter begins publishing.
  • 1987: Wick Communications purchases the weekly Williston Plains Reporter from Bill Shemorry.
  • 1996: The Herald installs a pagination system with full color capabilities.
  • 2014: Randy Rickman becomes publisher in November.
  • 2015: The Herald converts to a morning paper on 8/1/15, eliminating the Monday edition and introducing a Saturday edition.
  • 2015: Randy Rickman leaves in December.

Management Team

  • Publisher: Karen Brown
  • Editor:Jaime Kelly
  • Customer Service Manager: Leah-Ann Kleber
  • Production Manager: Aaron Hanson
  • Business Manager: Britney Klein

Editorial Team

Editor: Jamie Kelly

Assistant Editor: Elizabeth Hackenburg

Copy Editor: Lucas Amundson

Oil and Agriculture: Renee Jean

Environmental, Business, and Education: Melissa Krause

Sports: Jeffrey Giuliani