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  • Yuri (genre) (百合 "lily"), a Japanese term referring to female homosexual content in fiction, especially anime and manga
  • Yuri (satellite), the first dedicated Japanese broadcasting satellite and start of the BS-series


  • Typhoon Yuri (disambiguation)
  • Human-powered helicopter#Yuri I – a human-powered helicopter developed in Japan
  • Unit of measure: The International Space Elevator Consortium has proposed the "Yuri" as a name for the SI units describing specific strength. Specific strength is of fundamental importance in the description of space elevator cable materials. One Yuri is conceived to be the SI unit for yield stress (or breaking stress) per unit of density of a material under tension. So, the units for one Yuri are Pa m3 / kg. This unit is equivalent to one Nm / kg, which is the breaking/yielding force per linear density of the cable under tension.[2][3] A functional space elevator would require a tether of 30-80 MegaYuri.