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A Big Boy Did It and Ran Away (book)

Plot Summary

As a student, Raymond Ash and his friend Simon thought their futures would be paved with gold discs, gigs and groupies. Instead he's found himself in his thirties, a nervous new father and an even more nervous new English teacher, facing the fact that responsibility has no Escape key. Small wonder that he takes refuge living a virtual existence online. Everybody has to find their own way of coping. For some it's affairs, for others it's the bottle, while for his old mate Simon it's serial murder, mass slaughter and professional assassination. The last thing on Ray's troubled mind is a band reunion. For one thing, theirs wasn't exactly an amicable split, but a slightly larger obstacle is that Simon has been dead for three years. So when Ray glimpses him walking through Glasgow Airport, he assumes he's seeing things, until things start getting weirder and more violent than any computer game... A brilliant satirical thriller, from an author growing in popularity with each novel. [1]