A Book for Grandad (book)


Everyone has favourite moments with their grandad that they treasure, whether it be a favourite anecdote, activity that is shared, or some wise advice from years of experience. "A Book for Grandad" is the perfect way to show a grandad just how much they are treasured and adored. Full of real-life stories, quips and sound advice to amuse and entertain, including: famous quotes and anecdotes on grandfatherhood; top-ten ways to get the most out of quality time with the grandchildren; exciting things to make and do; examples of grandfatherly wisdom that might raise a smile; and, heartwarming stories that remind us all why our grandads are so important. With black-and-white illustrations throughout, "A Book for Grandad" is a delightful celebration of why they are truly loved. It's a treasure trove no grandad should be without. [1]