A Gate at the Stairs (book)

Plot Summary:

A wise story for our times, A Gate At The Stairs is the first substantial novel from the immensely talented American writer Lorrie Moore. At times almost lyrical in her writing, Moore decribes the life of 20-year-old Tassie Keltjin, a farmer's daugther who has decamped to university. Full of gentle snippets and sentences that will stick in the memory, the writing is vivid and meanders wonderfully throughout, helping to draw real purpose to Tassie's growth as a young adult in a novel that is blessed with a warming generosity of spirit. As the lead character is forced to deal with an identity crisis having left her old life behind, the worry lingers that she may even become a stranger to herself. This book has been hand-picked for the Book People's FaberShop, in partnership with Faber & Faber. [1]