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A Memory Down


A Memory Down is a rock group with substance and that has made a mark on our music scene. Initially members of this group included Ryan Wagner (rhythm guitar), Phil LeBlanc (lead vocals), David Leon (lead guitar) and Ben Kelln (bass). For about 2 years the group played bars, theaters and festivals, growing stronger and developing a core fan base. After looking for years for the perfect drummer, Vaois Papastergiou’s technical yet solid drumming skills seem to have filled the void that this group needed. Once the band made that last connection, the sound was now complete, solid and unique which could be described as a mix between hard rock, nu metal and southern rock which included lots of melodic vocals, hard hitting yet mellow guitars and great story lines. They began to work on their debut CD titled “Man Apart”.
A Memory Down is proud to announce the release of their lead single “Long Black Train” which symbolizes the act of a person dying and the long road of regrets and struggle through life in his final moments. Listening to this song you can physically feel that final moment when a person lies there ready to die and the regrets that fill the very core of their body thinking about a life unfulfilled. “The idea was to put yourself in the shoes of somebody who would be laying on his death bed thinking ‘wow, is this really it?", states AMD frontman Philip. The mental torture is portrayed by the guitar and the quickening of the heart from the snare drum. The lyrics come into play and you can feel your soul begin to cry and you can barely breathe. Listen, experience, understand and remember.
“Long Black Train” is only a taste of what is yet to come. The CD “Man Apart” is set for release in late Summer 2012.

The fans absorb their music like it’s a life line. This song is representative of the CD as a whole giving great story lines, incredible arrangements and a chilling delivery. They bring true emotion, the sudden reality of inner fears and struggles which are physically felt by audience members. It’s that ultimate impact that catches you by surprise.