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A Nail in a Sure Place

The thought of being an acoustic artist first originated in the mind of Jose when he was a teenager, listening to albums such as "I'm Sorry, I'm Leaving" by Saves the Day, and "Robbin' the Hood" by Sublime. It was the intimacy of the acoustic setting, and the pressure that comes with playing solo that attracted Jose to learning songs to play for his friends. Although, he has played bass and electric guitar for other bands in the past, it was in 2009 when he really started focusing on writing his own music to play for his own project. A name was also given to the project... A Nail in a Sure Place.

His debut song "An Anthem for the Night" was finally finished, but was never really preformed before many people. Instead of jumping into a scene that was above and beyond his musical resume', Jose spent a few years writing more and more songs, and perfecting cover after cover (for the crowd). He played at a few parties, weddings, bonfires, backyards and open mics... but nothing major.

December 2012 was the mark for ANIASP's first real show. It was a last minute type of gig, in which Jose had to headline a rock show. An acoustic performance after a stellar rock performance by Arson Academy was a tough act to follow, but judging by the crowd response and after show comments, it was a success!

ANIASP has not had any recordings to distribute until recently. A three song demo CD is now finally available; two of the songs can be streamed here on Reverbnation and Soundcloud. Although, these are only demo songs, the journey behind these songs weigh great value, and ANIASP takes great pride and privilege to share them with you and others. The songs are the heart of Jose and ANIASP.

I love you and thank you so much for your support. Be ready for more things to come this coming new year! [+]